Breast Cancer Awareness

Plow for a cure!

A portion of sales will be donated to help fund prevention and early detection.

U Handle or Wishbone handle

The Revolution 32 features a U shaped handle for durability, strength and ease of use.

The Revolution 24 freatures a Wishbone handle

Revolution Blades Rotate!

Revolution Blades are designed so that when the bottom edge wears down, the blade can rotate, top to bottom, for twice the useful life.  MANPLOWs have the reputation for being extremely long lasting and durable AND now they will last TWICE as long!


The Revolution Blade will slice cleanly into deep snow. Its tall blade allows you to redistribute more snow and get the job done faster.   The ballistic rated polyethylene blade is excellent for scraping to give the job a clean finish.

Limited Edition

Limited supplies are available.  Order Now!

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