Fury Line

Product Details

Fury Line

Blade Height: 13 Inches 

EZ Glide Edge: FURYEGE42- $25; FURYEGE32- $20; FURYEGE24- $15 

Grip: No-Slip Grip 

Handle: Aluminum U Handle Included in Compatible Handle Program 

Price and Weight by Model: 

Fury 42 Inch- $89; 8lbs Replacement Blades Available- $55 

Fury 32 Inch- $79; 7lbs Replacement Blades Available- $45 

Fury 24 Inch- $69; 6lbs Replacement Blades Available- $35  

Fury Line EZ Glide Edge FAQ's

Why is the EZ Glide Edge so effective on uneven surfaces?

The EZ Glide Edge’s wide bottom edge allows you to glide over uneven surfaces without those bone jarring stops. The EZ Glide Edge is too wide to fall into concrete seams. When you clear snow from broken concrete, aggregate, pavers, gravel or stepping stones, simply lower your hands so you’re riding on the back edge of the EZ Glide Edge. This lifts the front of the EZ Glide Edge so it will not catch.

How does the EZ Glide Edge scrape as well as a steel snow shovel?

When you lift your hands and ride on the front of the EZ Glide Edge, this angles the edge down so you can scrape extremely well. It will cut through hard packed snow and light ice. It will chop through thicker ice but it will wear the edge down faster. For thicker ice, there are better tools; like our Ice Breaker!

Why won’t the EZ Glide Edge scratch sensitive surfaces?

The EZ Glide Edge is not made from steel. It is made from a composite designed for impact resistance and long wear; HDPE. It will allow you to clear snow from wood or TREX composite decks, aggregate, pavers, slate, marble or metal or composite roofs without scratching or gouging the surface.

Will the EZ Glide Edge wear down? Yes. You should expect 200-250 shoveling hours before needing to replace it. Of course, this depends on the surfaces you clear. More abrasive surfaces, like aggregate, will reduce the useful life of your EZ Glide Edge.     

How does the EZ Glide Edge compare to snow shovels with wheels?

In very light snow falls they both are extremely effective. Where MANPLOW’s have the advantage is when the snow fall is over one inch deep. The EZ Glide Edge will not bog down in deep snow like wheels do. You can effectively clear random snow drifts without having to grab another snow shovel and you are not subject to a predetermined left or right angle. MANPLOW’s are designed so the blades can be angled either left or right so snow can cascade in the direction you want. Check out our video and see exactly how the EZ Glide Edge performs.

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Our Commitment to you

MANPLOW’s commitment to you!

MANPLOW offers a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee. Contact us at theman@manplow.com, put all of the parts back in the original carton, send it back to us and we will refund your purchase price 

We also have a 12 Month Warranty. Manufacturer’s Warranty on defects in material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on EZ Glide Edges. Warranty provides for replacement only. For all warranty issues, contact MANPLOW directly at theman@manplow.com and we will make it right!