GO WIDE! Clear the Road!

Revolution 52 Inch and 62 Inch

Revolution LIne

Revolution 42 Inch, 32 Inch and 24 Inch widths

Do More! Add a grab bar!


Do More With Your MANPLOW!  Add a Grab Bar!

Add-On Option to a new order or order one to put on your existing equipment.

Grab Bars not available for 52 & 62 Inch models.

Product Details

Revolution U Handles

Blade Height: 12 Inches 


Grip: Comfort Grip 

Handle: Aluminum U Handle Included in Compatible Handle Program 

Price and Weight by Model: 

Revolution 42 Inch- $69; 5.5lbs Replacement Blades Available- $40 

Revolution 32 Inch- $59; 5lbs Replacement Blades Available- $35 

Revolution 24 Inch- $49; 4.5lbs Replacement Blades Available- $25  

Revolution Super-Wide U Handles

Blade Height: 12 Inches 


Grip: Comfort Grip 

Handle: Aluminum U Handle only compatible between Revolution 62 & 52 Inch models 

Price and Weight by Model: 

Revolution 62 Inch- $99; 6.5lbs Replacement Blades Available- $65 

Revolution 52 Inch- $89; 6lbs Replacement Blades Available- $55

New & cool from manplow!

Tall Handle

Are you taller than 6' 3" ? Do you use your MANPLOW to clear your ice rink?


Increase the height of your handle by 6 inches. We've tested this taller handle with people 6'3" to 6'9". 


How tall are you in skates? If you use your MANPLOW for clearing your ice rink, consider a Tall Handle!

Select the tall option when ordering or order a Replacement Tall Handle. It will work with any PRO, Fury or Revolution Blade 24", 32",42", 52" or 62".

Grab Bar

Do More! Add a Grab Bar!

This option item solves the problem of what to do at the end of a pass. Lift snow up and over with the Grab Bar.

Select the 'Add a Grab Bar' option when ordering any 42", 32" pr 24" blade. Works with Revolution, PRO and Fury models.

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62 Inch Blade


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52 Inch Blade


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42 Inch Blade


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32 Inch Blade


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24 Inch Blade 


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Revolution Line Snow Shovels

Revolution Blades Rotate!

Revolution Blades are designed so that when the bottom edge wears down, the blade can rotate, top to bottom, for twice the useful life. MANPLOW’s have the reputation for being extremely long lasting and durable AND now they will last TWICE as long!

The Revolution Line features a U shaped handle for durability, strength and ease of use.

While effective with lighter snowfalls, blades wider than 36 inches with a single pole handle and a “D” handle don’t perform well with the weight of a medium or heavy snowfall. This design typically twists and loses control with the weight of a heavier snowfall.

Revolution blades are 12 Inches tall!

The Revolution Blade will slice cleanly into deep snow. The taller blade allows you to redistribute more snow and get the job done faster. The ballistic rated polyethylene blade is excellent for scraping to give the job a clean finish.

Go Wide or Go Home!

MANPLOW builds the widest snow pushers available. Our 52 Inch and 62 Inch “Super-Wide” blades are not designed for real deep snow but you will be surprised on how much snow you can clear with them. Check out our video and see!

We’ve designed these “Super-Wide” blades for those folks that attach snowfalls hour by hour. Just because they are “Super-Wide” doesn’t mean their performance is less than what you would expect our narrower blades; these blades are capable of pushing snow AND scrapping your drive clean!

Our Commitment to you

MANPLOW’s commitment to you!

MANPLOW offers a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee. Contact us at theman@manplow.com, put all of the parts back in the original carton, send it back to us and we will refund your purchase price

We also have a 12 Month Warranty. Manufacturer’s Warranty on defects in material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on EZ Glide Edges. Warranty provides for replacement only. For all warranty issues, contact MANPLOW directly at theman@manplow.com and we will make it right!