The Wishbone Line features the strongest single pole handle system on the market and carries a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty. While most single pole handles have one connection at the center of the blade, the Wishbone’s handle has two connections, 20 inches apart. This connection design stabilizes the blade, is more durable and will not twist and break during regular use. The Wishbone handle is manufactured from thick walled aluminum to add strength and reduce fatigue.   

How to assemble your Wishbone!


Throw Snow or Push Snow? Right Handed or Left?

Assemble your Wishbone just the way you want it!

Throwing- Top Handle in the Throw Position makes throwing snow easier with less fatigue.  

Yes, you can still push snow in the Throw Position.  

Assemble for Right or Left Hander.

Pushing- Top Handle in the Push Position makes pushing snow easier with less fatigue.

Yes, you can still throw snow in the Push Position.  

Assemble for Right or Left Hander.

Wishbones Feature the Revolution Blade

The Wishbone incorporates MANPLOW’s Revolution Blade. Revolution Blades are designed to slice cleanly into snow and can scrap even sensitive surfaces clean without line scratches or gouging wood and composite decking. Revolution Blades are also designed to be rotated. When the bottom edge is worn, simply rotate the blade bottom to top for twice the useful life. Assembled weight; 24”- 1.9lbs, 32”- 2.25lbs, 42”- 2.75lbs. Handle Length- 54”.  

Convert your existing blade into a Wishbone

MANPLOW’s Wishbone handle is compatible with PRO, Fury, Revolution and Multi-Tool blades 24, 32 and 42 inches wide. The Wishbone handle is also compatible with retired REV36 and REV44 models.  Wishbone handles systems can be purchased separately.

*Wishbone handles are not compatible with Revolution 52 or 62 Inch models.

How do I build my own custom Wishbone?


After you decide which model and width, order it as a Replacement Blade. PRO and Fury Replacement blades come with the EZ Glide Edge already attached. Then order the Wishbone Replacement Handle. You now just made your own custom Wishbone. 


All necessary hardware will be included to connect the blade of your choice to your Wishbone Replacement Handle. 

Your order should ship the next business day.

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42 Inch Wishbone

Featuring the Revolution Blade


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32 Inch Wishbone

Featuring the Revolution Blade


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24 Inch Wishbone

Featuring the Revolution Blade



MANPLOW’s commitment to you!

MANPLOW offers a 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee. Contact us at, put all of the parts back in the original carton, send it back to us and we will refund your purchase price 

We also have a 12 Month Warranty. Manufacturer’s Warranty on defects in material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on EZ Glide Edges. Warranty provides for replacement only. For all warranty issues, contact MANPLOW directly at and we will make it right!