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MANPLOW originally only manufactured snow shovels and pushers

The first MANPLOW show pusher was conceived on a cold winter day in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the mid 1980s.  A particularly large snow fall trapped my truck 150 feet from the main road.  With only an hour to get to the Western Michigan University campus (about 30 minutes away), I crudely fastened parts from available material and the snow was cleared without a minute to spare.  The next snow fall brought additional enhancements and by the end of the snow season, I was clearing the drive quickly and easily.  The concept was forgotten after several years in sunny Southern California but was revived after 3 record breaking winters in Colorado.  MANPLOW is now based in the Sierra Nevada foothills just west of Lake Tahoe, California. We’ve incorporated under the name CynMarc Manufacturing, Inc. and have developed several patents and are now fully committed to safer, more efficient snow removal that will not damage surfaces the way an ordinary snow shovel does.

We test all our snow equipment on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains above Lake Tahoe. Unlike the 10,000 + foot elevations with great powder, the areas west of Lake Tahoe, below 8,000 feet, receive a wet, heavy snow fueled by the moist, easterly winds coming across the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta. This is affectionately referred to as “Sierra Cement”. That is why our demonstration videos never feature dry powder and always show the worst of the worst as far as snow conditions go.

The development of the MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser

In the course of what was to be a great year for MANPLOW show shovels and pushers, I recognized that preparing pallets for shipment was becoming more and more of a task. I knew I didn’t like wrapping pallets and I saw that my employees often sought out excuses to not do it. It was almost always delegated to the “New Guy”.  As that snow season began to wrap up (pun intended), I started looking for a better tool to wrap pallets. 

After researching and testing the limited selection of overpriced, complicated and difficult to maintain options, I decided to make one. As many folks did, and still do, I started with a broom stick. It evolved during the next couple snow seasons and then one day my business neighbor asked if I could build one for him; and then another asked and then another… During that next off season, I designed and prototyped what was to become the MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser. They have evolved many times since we began manufacturing them and because of our policy of soliciting  feedback from our customers, I have to believe it will continue to evolve.  

We value your feedback

Yes, we love it when you tell us how much you love our equipment. We will never tire of hearing how it made a tough job easier, a long job shorter or performed better than you could have ever expected.  

  We also like to hear how you feel it could be improved. We actually keep a feedback list for all MANPLOW employees to see and encourage our people to “give it some thought”. Most of our product improvements, line extensions and new products where initiated with an employee asking “What if we…?”   

While I can’t guarantee that your feedback will result in an immediate change in manufacturing or a new product, I can guarantee it will be considered. Feedback from our customers has improved our products to what they are today and I fully expect that it will be your feedback that defines our equipment in the years to come.  

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