PRO Line Video


MANPLOW’s Top-of-the- Line, Contractor Grade Equipment; 

The PRO Line

Video Features the 42 Inch PRO with Replaceable EZ Glide Edge.

Add a Grab Bar to your MANPLOW PRO


Do More With Your MANPLOW!  Add a Grab Bar!

Add-On Option to a new order or order one to put on your existing equipment.

Product Details


PRO Line

Blade Height: 13 Inches 

Replacement EZ Glide Edge: PROEGE42- $30; PROEGE32- $25; PROEGE24- $20 

Grip: Comfort Grip 

Handle: Aluminum U Handle Included in Compatible Handle Program 

Price and Weight by Model: 

PRO 42 Inch- $105; 9lbs  Replacement Blades Available- $70

PRO 32 Inch- $95; 8lbs  Replacement Blades Available- $60

PRO 24 Inch- $85; 7lbs  Replacement Blades Available- $50 

New & Cool from Manplow!


Grab Bar

Do More! Add a Grab Bar!

This option item solves the problem of what to do at the end of a pass. Lift snow up and over with the Grab Bar.

Select the 'Add a Grab Bar' option when ordering any 42", 32" pr 24" blade. Works with Revolution, PRO and Fury models.

Tall Handles

Are you taller than 6' 3" ? Do you use your MANPLOW to clear your ice rink?


Increase the height of your handle by 6 inches. We've tested this taller handle with people 6'3" to 6'9". 


How tall are you in skates? If you use your MANPLOW for clearing your ice rink, consider a Tall Handle!

Select the tall option when ordering or order a Replacement Tall Handle. It will work with any PRO, Fury or Revolution Blade 24", 32" or 42".

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42 Inch PRO with EZ Glide Edge


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32 Inch PRO with EZ Glide Edge


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24 Inch PRO with EZ Glide Edge



2 Pack PRO42 2 Pack

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2 Pack PRO24 

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Replacement EZ Glide Edge for PRO42




Replacement EZ Glide Edge for PRO32




Replacement EZ Glide Edge for PRO24




Replacement Blade for PRO42

(EZ Glide Edge Attached)




Replacement Blade for PRO32

(EZ Glide Edge Attached)




Replacement Blade for PRO24

(EZ Glide Edge Attached)


PRO Line EZ Glide Edge FAQ's


Why is the PRO Line so effective in deep snow?

The PRO is the only snow pusher designed AND capable of clearing deep snow.  The PRO Line’s EZ Glide Edge is over 1.5” wide. This provides enough surface area to keep your PRO from plunging deeper into the snow as it’s pushed forward. You can skim deep snow, removing it in horizontal layers. Clear as much as you can handle and come back and clear the rest.

Check our our video and see it in action!

How do I get my PRO to clear deep snow in layers?

Drop your hands as you push forward. This positions the EZ Glide Edge at an upward angle like an airplane wing. As you move forward, this angle allows the blade to move forward and not drop deeper into the snow.  

Why is the EZ Glide Edge so effective on uneven surfaces?

The EZ Glide Edge’s wide bottom edge allows you to glide over uneven surfaces without those bone jarring stops. The EZ Glide Edge is too wide to fall into concrete seams. When you clear snow from broken concrete, aggregate, pavers, gravel or stepping stones, simply lower your hands so you’re riding on the back edge of the EZ Glide Edge. This lifts the front of the EZ Glide Edge so it will not catch.  

Will the EZ Glide Edge wear down?

Yes. You should expect 300-350 shoveling hours before needing to replace it. Of course, this depends on the surfaces you clear. More abrasive surfaces, like aggregate, will reduce the useful life of your EZ Glide Edge.

How does the EZ Glide Edge compare to snow shovels with wheels?

In very light snow falls they both are extremely effective. Where MANPLOW’s have the advantage is when the snow fall is over one inch deep. The EZ Glide Edge will not bog down in deep snow like wheels do. You can effectively clear random snow drifts without having to grab another snow shovel and you are not subject to a predetermined left or right angle. MANPLOW’s are designed so the blades can be angled either left or right so snow can cascade in the direction you want. Check out our video and see exactly how the EZ Glide Edge performs.  

The PRO Line 24 Month Warranty


The PRO Line is Warranted for 24 Months!

We stand behind our PRO model like no other snow shovel manufacturer! We are so confident that our PRO Line will meet or exceed your durability expectations; we increased our warranty from 12 months to an unprecedented 24 Month Warranty. This is exclusive to the PRO Line!  

We test all our equipment on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains above Lake Tahoe. Unlike the 10,000 + foot elevations with great powder, the areas west of Lake Tahoe, below 8,000 feet, receive a wet, heavy snow fueled by the moist, easterly winds coming across the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta. This is affectionately referred to as “Sierra Cement”. That is why our demonstration videos never feature dry powder and always show the worst of the worst as far as snow conditions go.   

The PRO Line 24 Month Warranty.

Manufacturer’s Warranty on defects in material and workmanship.The  PRO Line 24 Month Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on EZ Glide Edge. The PRO Line 24 Warranty provides for replacement only. For all warranty issues, contact MANPLOW directly at and we will make it right!