Snow shovels and Pushers

PRO Line

The Best of the Best!

The only snow pusher designed to clear deep snow and protect sensitive surfaces.

Featuring the EZ Glide Edge

Revolution Line

Revolution blades are designed to rotate.  Wear down one edge and rotate the blade bottom to top.  Get twice the life out of our blade.

Fury Line

  Similar design as the PRO model with a narrower EZ Glide Edge and a No-Slip Grip.   Will not damage sensitive surfaces.

Multi-Tool Line

4X Roof Rake, Ice Breaker and shovels and pushers that can CHOP and SCRAPE hard packed snow and light ice!

Car Tool

The Car Snow Tool removes snow and ice from on or under your car. It can easily extend from 32 inches to 48 inches, even with your gloves on! 

Breast Cancer Awareness

Revolution Blades with a cause!

A portion of sales will be donated to help fund prevention and early detection.

Wishbone Line

Strongest single pole handle system on the market 

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

The MANPLOW Promise

Never Bend Over!          Never Over Reach!         Never Walk Backwards!  

So easy, it’s almost fun!

The MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser is a pole design alternative to apply stretch wrap. Lighter, quicker and less physically demanding to use then a parallel handle dispenser, MANPLOW dispensers allow the user to apply wrap in a natural, upright manner; reducing fatigue and injuries. When choosing which model is right for you, consider this; the longer the handle, the less the fatigue. Diminishing fatigue reduces injuries, improves performance, increases output and can even boost morale.     

All models now feature the StandUp Base

 MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispensers have been redesigned. All models now feature the StandUp Base that allows your MANPLOW to be set down anywhere and remain up right. The New StandUp Base also offers a lower profile so it can wrap less than an inch from the floor, securing your freight more securely to the pallet. Additionally, the StandUp Base will provide longer wear and finer tension control. 

Made in the USA- What does that mean to you?

Your cost of operating a MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser is minimal. MANPLOW is the manufacturer of the MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispensers. We have all parts on hand and can ship them immediately if you need them. Losing a part doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new unit! Order the part you need and keep your equipment and people working!   

Manplow's car tool

It may be your favorite tool ever!