Discontinued PRO Models with Aluminum Blades


Thank you!

MANPLOW began manufacturing in 2008.  If you are on this page, you were one of our first customers and we appreciate your business.  Your initial support helped build our business to where it is today!

Aluminum Blade PRO Models- PRO24, PRO36 or PRO46

In 2014, MANPLOW dissolved all relationships with overseas contract manufacturers and brought all manufacturing under our Northern California roof.  This resulted in a redesign of the PRO Line. 

Replacement EZ Glide Edges for Aluminum Blades- PRO24, PRO36 & PRO46

We discontinued the Aluminum Bladed PRO24, PRO36 and PRO46 in 2014.  We maintained an inventory of the replacement EZ Glide Edges until we sold out Fall 2018.  

If you are looking for product numbers REGE24D, REGE36D or REGE46D

They are no longer available.  But you have options...

If your equipment was built after 2012, you have a 3 Inch vertical hole separation where the handle connects to the blade.  If you do have a 3 inch hole separation (clarifying image on the left), you can replace your entire blade with the redesigned PRO blade.  We now have PRO42’s, PRO32’s and PRO24’s.  The PRO replacement blades have an EZ Glide Edge attached and will fit your handle and will come with all necessary mounting hardware included.

If you have a 5 Inch hole separation...

If your blade was built prior to 2012, you have a 5” hole separation but you can replace it with a Revolution Blade (42”, 32” or 24”) without any modifications.  However, if you’re comfortable with it, you can still get a redesigned PRO Replacement Blade and drill out the holes in your handle for the new blade to attach to it.

Great Idea but NO, IT WON'T WORK!

The redesigned EZ Glide Edges are unique to the new models.  Attempting to "cut down" a redesigned PROEGE24, PROEGE32 or PROEGE42 to fit your aluminum blade model will not work.  The design is completely different.